Apple (Malus) 'Liberty'

Liberty Apple

Categories: Fruit Tree

Liberty is a modern apple variety, developed for disease resistance - it has very good resistance to scab and good resistance to fireblight and cedar apple rust. A productive variety that is crisp and juicy with a sprightly flavor.

More About Apple (Malus) 'Liberty'

  • 'Macoun' x 'Perdue 54-12' New York, 1964
  • tart, with a flavor all its own
  • absolutely one of the best apples for the northern home orchardist

Keeps well into February. Does not require fungicide sprays. Does very well without spraying. It is a good dependable choice for any backyard orchard because it is highly productive and resistant to all the major apple diseases.


10-20 Ft

Hardiness Zone:


Apple (Malus) 'Liberty' Characteristics


  • Sun Tolerant

Bearing/Fruiting Time

  • Mid season

Bloom Time

  • Mid season

Disease Resistance

  • fire blight resistant
  • apple scab resistant
  • cedar-apple rust resistant
  • very disease resistant/doesn't require spraying

Fruit Qualities

  • crisp
  • juicy
  • tart flavor
  • distinct flavor

Fruiting Attributes

  • good for eating
  • good for cider
  • good for cooking/baking
  • good for cold regions/very hardy
  • stores well/good keeper
  • medium size
  • vigorous grower
  • all purpose

Plant Size

  • Semi-dwarf (12-18')