Apple (Malus) 'Gravenstein'

Gravenstein Apple

Categories: Fruit Tree

Gravenstein is an attractive high-quality dessert and culinary apple, first described in 1797. The flesh is juicy, finely grained, and light yellow. Trees are among the largest of standard root varieties, with a strong branching structure; the wood is brownish-red and the leaves are large, shiny, and dark green.

More About Apple (Malus) 'Gravenstein'

  • The Gravenstein was introduced to western North America in the early 19th century, perhaps by Russian fur traders, who are said to have planted a tree at Fort Ross in 1811
  • The Gravenstein apple is still considered the choicest apple by many Nova Scotians.

The Gravenstein apple has a tart flavor. It is picked in July and August and is heavily used as a cooking apple, especially for apple sauce and apple cider. It does not keep well, so it is available only in season.


12-25 ft


8-15 ft


10-20 Feet

Hardiness Zone:


Apple (Malus) 'Gravenstein' Characteristics


  • Mass Plant
  • Specimen


  • Sun Tolerant

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Medium

Season of Interest (Flowering)

  • Early Spring

Soil Moisture Needs

  • Average
  • Needs well drained soil

Bearing/Fruiting Time

  • Mid season

Bloom Time

  • Mid season

Flower Color

  • Appleblossom Pink

Fruit Qualities

  • mild flavor
  • tart flavor
  • distinct flavor

Fruiting Attributes

  • good for cider
  • good for cooking/baking
  • antique variety


  • Spreading

Plant Size

  • Semi-dwarf (12-18')
  • Standard (18-30')