Apple (Malus) 'Haralson'

Haralson Apple

Categories: Fruit Tree

Medium-sized red fruit. Hard, crisp and tart. Good dual purpose apple, baking and eating. Also good for cider. Often bears fruit in first year.

More About Apple (Malus) 'Haralson'

  • 'Malinda' x 'Wealthy', University of MN, 1923
  • A natural semi-dwarf tree
  • Holds its shape and texture in baking.

Prone to biennial bearing. Keeps well, will store until March. Fine winter hardy variety.


10-20 Ft

Hardiness Zone:


Apple (Malus) 'Haralson' Characteristics


  • Sun Tolerant

Soil Moisture Needs

  • Needs well drained soil

Bearing/Fruiting Time

  • Late season

Bloom Time

  • Mid-late season
  • Late season

Disease Resistance

  • apple scab resistant

Fruit Qualities

  • crisp
  • tart flavor
  • texture, hard/firm

Fruiting Attributes

  • storage, short life
  • good for cider
  • good for cold regions/very hardy
  • medium size
  • good for cooking/baking

Plant Size

  • Standard (18-30')